My Eyes – Coming Soon!

My Eyes is coming soon and we can’t wait for you to see it! It’s a simple game where you shoot lasers from your eyes. However, there’s a catch!

My Eyes started out on the Game Maker platform and was created as part of a game jam entry. Since then we have learned Unity and really kicked it up a notch or ten.

The game jam theme was “Everything has a cost” and My Eyes takes that to heart. If you shot your lasers, the pain causes you to scream. Once you’ve reached your pain threshold you are forced to rest until the pain gets back down to a manageable level. While you are resting, the heat from your laser vision builds up behind your eyes and in your head. If you get too hot you burn up.

It was a crazy idea, sure, but so crazy it just might work! We think it does.

Moving to Unity allowed us to take advantage of lighting and camera effects with little effort. This allowed a silly little game like My Eyes to really look stunning. We are still working to add an additional area and a few more game elements before we get ready for release. We’re really looking forward to letting everyone experience this nonsense in all it’s glory!